Monday, June 11, 2007

Session 7 w/ Vixen Jix!

Session #7 w/ Vixen Jix!
June 11th 2oo7
video clips coming soon!
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Isn't she just lovely? She came armed with three great outfits and performances and a programme for the evening!

Our cushions are not only functional, but attractive!

above : Homework prize submissions by (left to right)
Aniko, Jimmy G and Ben Caplan.
Ben won the prize, which happened to be a pint! Great work, Ben!

above : the Broken-Hearted Doll shakes off excess costuming.
below : a contest! Prize : a shot called the "Spoiled Cabbage Patch"
The contest had something to do with current events involving our dear misguided Paris.

above : I Are Serious Artist!
below : a whole line of serious artist

below : Another contest! Competing for a ladies Cameron House tee, sized medium.
What the had to do for it? Draw what was coming out of her hat.
I think a shiny thing came in at this point because I forgot who won, and I must have been distracted!

below : Oh NOOOooooo!!!
The Necro Nurse pours heart-blood all over herself ruining what was left of her costume!

above : another serious artist
below : serious artist dealing with birthday spanks.
Luca was lucky - Brynne, our photographer, usually charges a lot more than free!

below : Another contest!! Model's choice contest!
Jess wanted the sketchy sketchers to make her into an animal. If she was offended by your effort you would be bloodied. If you pleased her above all others you would be rewarded with ...

But the candy bra carried a terrible curse :

The winner must pose with Jess for 5 minutes!

Aniko, you're a fine artist and a good sport. A good, drunken sport. We're happy to have you!
Thus ended our 7th session of Dr Sketchy's in Toronto.

- end -

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