Monday, June 25, 2007

Session 8 w/ Mina LaFleur!

Session #8 w/ Mina LaFleur!
June 25th 2oo7
video clips coming soon!

We were very fortunate to have Mina LaFleur, star of the Spiegel Tent n' Tavern, and the creative genius behind the beautiful work at Corinthias , model for us at our little sketch session. Not only was Mina an incredible sight to draw from, but her elaborate outfits, all hand made by herself, added un petit, je ne sais quois to the whole aura of the evening.

above & below : Mina gets right into great poses for our 1 min block.

We would apologize for all of the photos in this post, but with Brynne taking so many incredible photos - what's to apologize for?!

above : garter slinging.
below : Model's choice prize. Mina wanted to be drawn as a marionette, so she posed accordingly.

Below : As with all model's choice contests, the model picks the winner. A sometimes cruel and callous process in which all of an artist's hopes and dreams can be shattered in an instant, Mina - faced with at least half of our crowd from that night, let all but one skilled sketcher down easy. The booty to be had? The Cunt Colouring Book!

below : New costume time!

below : this is what a full house at the Cameron looks like. We were packed with 40 at our high point and somehow everyone fit with no complaints. The floor became prime real estate for some latecomers, but thanks to the Cameron's layout there really isn't a bad seat to be had!

below : A contest winner! Best allusion / inclusion of something Pride-ish! Going for the glaringly obvious solution of a rainbow and the scrawling of 'Gay Pride' in the top corner, this young lady still showed the skillz to win the chocolates. From JS Bon Bon.

above : the elusive fish-face caught on camera!
below : And now Mina starts to dance! What a lucky bunch you Dr Sketchy Sketchers are!
A short video of this is coming soon.

below : Mina applauds while Brett makes a curious gesture.

below : This contest was Rene's choice (Rene is the lovely girl who serves us drinks and saves us the trip to the bar - SO TIP HER WELL!!)
The contest : draw the Mina with anything alcohol related. Rene chose the winner and rewarded them with booze.
This girl wins too much. She got this nice big martini awarded to her and she insisted on finishing it ALL while we watched.

below : Brynne clutches her lovely lady lumps in anticipation of our final contest of the session! This time it was the 'Make Brynne's Panties Tight with your Drawing' contest! That should be fairly self-explanatory. The prize : Adventures of a Lesbian College School Girl. Don't hurt yourself with that, friend!

below : one last pose with Mina. Our time together was so brief.. BUT! You can see her and many other talented performers at the Spiegel Tent for only $25! It's been extended through to the end of July.

- end -


Molly Crabapple said...

What a gorgeous girl.

My dream is to one day do Dr. Sketchy's in the Spiegaltent. Soon, man!

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