Monday, July 30, 2007

Session 10 w/ Coco la Creme!

Session #10 w/ Coco la Creme!
July 30th, 2oo7

Monday, July 9, 2007

Session 9 w/ Nina Arsenault!

Session #9 w/ Nina Arsenault!
July 9th, 2oo7

We were honored to have someone as incredible as Nina Arsenault agree to model for us here at Sketchy's. She took on the task with unparalleled style and grace, held her poses like a rock - and didn't go for easy poses to hold! Our house was completely packed to the rafters and a lot of great art came from the night.

Your regular MC, Brett, had to fly off to Venice to meet for gelato with David Altmejd at the Biennale, so in his place our good friend Brandy Alexander filled in.

Nina's 1 minute poses hinted at what we had in store for the rest of the evening. Every pose was beautiful and she was the first to make such full use of the stage - sometimes right on the front riser, sometimes in the back corner under a very bright spot light.

The theme for the night had a slight 'Invisible Monsters' theme. The mannequin with a mask by Katherine Piro can be seen in many of the photos. Brandy suggested we bring it in, which led to our beefcake helper-man Chris Watson having to lug it down to the Cameron House. Thanks Chris!

As you can see, Brynne Kennedy, our photographer, took so many excellent photos that we've had a difficult time narrowing our blog pics down to 20 or so. This is not an apology.

One of the absolute favourite poses and photos from the session with Nina! It was a shame the pose was so short, Katherine tells me :(
This topped off our first hour. Time for a break and a costume change!

We came back to find Nina in a stunning gown and the crowd of art monkeys were encouraged to collaborate on an 'exquisite corpse' drawing.

Katherine always takes her job very very seriously.

above : Nina, Nick and Brandy try to pose but get stuck in some sort of conversation.
It was time for Nina to shed the dress for something more comfortable, as we go into hour three of the night. In the meantime, art looking!

above : some art! If any of it is yours, let us know. We'll link to your site or blog or whatever.

..adding a few more photos.. bear with us!