Monday, May 28, 2007

Session 6 w/ Melinna Merle!

above : the poster
below : Melinna!

Session 6 marked two Sketchy stage debuts - Melinna Merle and Frederick the bear. Oh, the adventures we had with Frederick. The Green Room.. The Red Room.. Kom Jug Yuen..

As you can see, Fred and Melinna became the best of friends in no time. Melinna poses as Fred takes his task less seriously and waves for the camera. He was severely reprimanded for this indescretion.
But Fred liked it. The bastard kept smiling that damn smile. HE MADE ME WATCH!!!
Katherine summed up our night with Melinna best with "She's sooOOooooOOooo cuUUUuuuuUUuUUTE!"

See? Seriously, you Sketchy folks are being spoiled and don't know just how good you have it anymore, do you?

above : Melinna and Frederick pose
below : Jimmy G draws

Contest time! Ok.. so we couldn't come up with anything better than something like "Fill in what's on their mind." It still packed the stage with great art, so who cares.

And Jay for the win! There was a drink, but he chose to just gnaw on the rind instead.

Back to Melinna! Fred was sent to his room... or just the back of the stage. Bastard's still grinning though. Must be a good view or something!

One of the breaks. Melinna and Brett chat about really interesting things, and the audience remains oblivious to our revalations.

And another contest!! A second drink prize. The contest? Put Melinna on an 80's metal album cover!

"Tommy Cumface" and "Death Killer", although giants of fictional 80's metal, had nothing on "KRANK". James for the win. He didn't get much drawing done after this.

And now back to Brett's tits!
or not.

above : Showing off the non-alcohol booty to be won - studded leather nipple pasties and a pocket Molskine.

My god Melinna is great. She's holding the pose for the Molskine contest. I have no idea what lame contest we came up with for this, but whatever it was it filled the stage with art! Couldn't have been too bad.

That Aniko guy wins it. 'Cuz he's good and the audience wooped the loudest for him.
Brynne's fave - Reverse Cowgirl!
It's now Frederick's favorite too.

To end the night Melinna tossed the bouquet. There is a short video clip coming shortly, so hang on. All those years of Varsity Football served Chris Watson well! He went home with the flowers. And the pasties? Lost to the sands of time.

A few photos from Brett's camera before we let you go :Frederick needed a little more attention of his own, it seems.

above : Brett, Frederick and Katherine make the kind of sandwich that's hard to eat because the filling keeps falling out of the bread, and leaves mayo all over your fingers.

below : Katherine tries to eat Brynne, but Freddie delivers a swift kick and puts and end to the madness.

above : The crew, minus Brett, who's behind the camera.
clockwise from far left : inspiration, illustration, sound, and nestled in Freddy's taint, vision.
And Chris did get married next! The bouquet catching myth came true!

But it didn't last long. Freddy cheated on Chris on their wedding night with this guy from Kom Jug.
Chis cried himself to sleep for a week.

- end -

Monday, May 7, 2007

Session 5 w/ Lena Love!

Session #5 w/ Lena Love!
May 7th 2oo7

Lena got going right off the bat with an incredible costume and amazing poses. In the first 3 minutes of poses I'm sure everyone in the crowd knew just how good they had it that night.

It always demands a great deal of respect when your models take their poses in heels. It demands even more when the poses are held completely still!

This entry writes itself, really. The room was dead silent, as everyone was drawing in awe. These photos should speak well for themselves.

above : breakin the law by being inventive with the pasties!
below : That's right - We broke out the blacklights for Lena.

Really, I have no idea what to say! Our crowd was happy to sketch in the low light needed to for the blacklights to take a strong effect.

These fans couldn't be the easiest things to pose with, but Lena did it with style! She held those things motionless for her 15 minute poses!

above : Brynne digs her sammich before we got the session rolling.
below : an arty shot!

above : the artists in reverence
below : Beautiful ladies on Brett. A fine way to end a great night!

- end -