Monday, May 7, 2007

Session 5 w/ Lena Love!

Session #5 w/ Lena Love!
May 7th 2oo7

Lena got going right off the bat with an incredible costume and amazing poses. In the first 3 minutes of poses I'm sure everyone in the crowd knew just how good they had it that night.

It always demands a great deal of respect when your models take their poses in heels. It demands even more when the poses are held completely still!

This entry writes itself, really. The room was dead silent, as everyone was drawing in awe. These photos should speak well for themselves.

above : breakin the law by being inventive with the pasties!
below : That's right - We broke out the blacklights for Lena.

Really, I have no idea what to say! Our crowd was happy to sketch in the low light needed to for the blacklights to take a strong effect.

These fans couldn't be the easiest things to pose with, but Lena did it with style! She held those things motionless for her 15 minute poses!

above : Brynne digs her sammich before we got the session rolling.
below : an arty shot!

above : the artists in reverence
below : Beautiful ladies on Brett. A fine way to end a great night!

- end -

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